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Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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45 Amps 208-240 Volt Line Reactor 3PR-0045C3L

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US$ 476.00

Quick Overview

Catalog No.: 3PR-0045C3L
Current: 45 Amps • 10 hp • Voltage: 208-240 Volt • Three Phase
Conductor: Copper

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US$ 476.00


Three phase Line Reactor 3PR-0045C3L introduces specific amount of inductive reactance (impedance) into a circuit. This inserted impedance reduces line harmonics, moderate line transients, holds down spikes of current, limit peak current, absorb power line disturbances which could damage inverters, variable speed controllers or other voltage sensitive equipment.


Line Reactor 3PR-0045C3L Winding Schematic:

III Three phase connection

Preliminary General Drawing. (Dimensions in inches).


Line Reactor general dimensions

Basic Dimesions: A=9.00"; B=4.25"; C=7.00"; D=3.00"; E=2.625".

*All information and images presented here is based on preliminary data or design and may be changed without prior notice.
Request Drawing Proof to confirm dimensions from Optional Feature tab, if it is critical.

Full Specification

Catalog No. 3PR-0045C3L
Product Type Line Reactor
Phase Three
Maximum Current 45 Amps
Voltage range 208-240 Volt
Reactor Power Rate 10 hp
Frequency, Hz 60
Inductance, mH 0.25
Impedance 3%
Current over load capability 150% for 1 min
Saturation Level 250% of rated current (50% rated inductance minimum at 350% rated current).
Vector Group III
Winding Conductor Copper
Temperature Rise, °C 115
Insulation Class 180 (H)
Insulation Level, (B.I.L), kVA 4
Sound Level, dB 65
Standards and Certifications CSA Standard C22.2. No.47 Air Cooled Transformers (Dry Type)
CSA certified. File No. LR34493 , UL Listed. File No.E108255.
ISO9001 Quality Certification.
Enclosure Type None. Open construction
Weight, Lbs 25.0
Country of Manufacture Canada

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