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Wednesday, February 08, 2023
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9 kVA 480 Volt to 208Y/120 Volt Three phase Mini Power Center MP3C9H-M

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Quick Overview

Catalog No.: MP3C9H-M
Mini Power Center 9 kVA • Three Phase • Primary: 480 Volt • Secondary: 208Y/120 Volt
Conductor: Copper. • Frequency 60 Hz.
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US$ 9,856.00


Three phase Mini Power Center MP3C9H-M combine three individual components into one NEMA Type 3R enclosure: a pre-wired primary and secondary main breaker, an encapsulated single-phase (Type EP) or three-phase dry-type transformer or dry-type shielded transformer, and a secondary distribution load center with Aluminum Bus Push-On main breaker. Inter-connecting wiring is completed at the factory. Mini Power Centers are used wherever there is loads requiring 208Y/120V 3 phase or 120/240V single-phase. Secondary branch brakers are not provided.

 Mini Power Center general dimensions

Preliminary General Drawing. (Dimension, inch).

*All information and images presented here is based on preliminary data or design and may be changed without prior notice.
Request Drawing Proof to confirm dimensions from Optional Feature tab, if it is critical.

Mini Power Center MP3C9H-M Winding Schematics:


Delta-Wye(DYn) Three phase connection

Full Specification

Catalog No. MP3C9H-M
Product Type Mini Power Center
Phase Three
Power Rating 9 kVA
Frequency, Hz 60
Number of Circuit Breakers 12
Vector Group Delta-Wye(DYn)
Primary voltage 480 Volt
Primary Voltage Taps 0%; ±2.5%; ±5.0%
Secondary Voltage 208Y/120 Volt
Winding Conductor Copper
Temperature Rise, °C 130
Insulation Class 200 (N)
Insulation Level, (B.I.L), kVA 10
ANSI/IEEE Impedance, % 6.0-7.0
Sound Level, dB 40
Standards, Certifications, Compliances: CSA Standard C22.2. No.47 Air Cooled Transformers (Dry Type)., CSA certified. File No. LR34493
Seismic Qualified SDS=1.60g 2/h=1.0 OSHPD OSP-0109-10 for USA zone 4 and Canada zone 6.
UL Listed. File No.E108255., ISO9001 Quality Certification.
Enclosure Type Nema 3R. Outdoor Non-Ventilated Weather resistant steel enclosure (IP54)
Weight, Lbs 310.0
Country of Manufacture Canada

Transformer Calculator

Help: To calculate required kVA of the transformer enter Load Amps, Load Volt and press "Required kVA" button. Also you can calculate Current from other two parameters.
Note: Recommended add up to 20% to the calculated kVA